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With a variety team of professionals, we reach out to individuals facing a life-limiting illness or injury, seeking expert medical care, assistance with pain management, probing for emotional and spiritual support, or simply coping with the realities of loss, death, and grief. Our purpose is to deliver comfort, care, peace, education, and support. With the importance of respecting each individual’s choices, values, and beliefs, a team-oriented approach is used to conduct focus on the patients and their loved ones while catering to all their needs at the most painful possible time in their lives.


Hospice care can dramatically reduce the amount of pain and suffering experienced by a patient and their loved ones. At Ed & Ar Hospice Care our close-knit group of caring professionals and trained volunteers are committed to providing our patients with a reacher, fuller, and more meaningful life in the time that is left to ensure a dignified, comfortable, and peaceful experience.

Our Mission

Caring for a loved one who is in pain or suffering and in constant need for medical attention can be physically, emotionally and mentally distressing. Being a primary caregiver for a person who has a terminal illness is that there’s a temptation to put your life on hold, and devote all your time, energy and attention on the individual whom your caring for.

With such predicaments, hospice care is an option that can be beneficial to the ill, their family and primary caregiver.

“ED & AR HOSPICE” is the reliable organization whom you can depend and rely on when it comes to selecting the perfect team of professionals to enter your home and take matters in their own hands. Considered to be the model for quality and compassionate care, our services are not only expressly directed to the patient’s needs and wishes, but also to all family and loved ones present. Our obligations consist of much more than just nursing care and medical needs, we provide a wide variety of special services that benefit the entire family.From the moment we enter your door, our hand selected staff delivers nothing but excellence and perfection. At “Ed & Ar Hospice” our modo is supremacy and our dedication is incomparable.